What's Inspected During a Home Inspection

home inspection passing or failing
A home (or commercial building) Cannot Pass or Fail an Inspection. A Professional Inspection gives you an
Independent, Unbiased View of any problems or issues that may need to be addressed, either before closing,
or afterwards. It will give you the facts you need to make a Sound, Informed Decision. Depending on the size
and condition of the home or building, a thorough inspection will usually take between 2 and 4 hours (or more) at the site.
Ideally, You Will Visit With Me at the end of the inspection so that you will have Visual Reinforcement of your written report.
Inspection reports are considered very seriously. Every inspection is a Complete and Thorough Analysis of all the
Major Systems and Components in, and concerning, the structure. Your inspection report includes a clear description
of the conditions that are observed. In addition, Detailed Photographs are included in Each Category that deems inclusion.
I am also available by e-mail or by phone for free consultation after your inspection, at any time.
You are welcome to e-mail or call me As Often As You Like, until your concerns are clearly addressed.

home inspection knowledge
Knowledge is Power
A Thorough Home Inspection can help you Buy or Sell, and Maintain your home with confidence.
As A Trained Professional,
I'll provide Invaluable Information to help turn you into a knowledgeable consumer.

A Knowledgeable Home Owner can identify problems in the making, and take preventive measures to
Avoid Costly Repairs.

Magnified home inspection
For Knowledgeable Home Buyers, in Both New and Older Homes, the best way to ensure that you are well informed
about the strengths and weaknesses of a property is to have me give you a Professional Home Inspection. I have
been trained to identify problem areas, both small and large, that may have been overlooked by the
previous owners, and to identify Which Issues should be Addressed Immediately, and which can wait.

Home For Sale
For Knowledgeable Home Sellers, whether you are selling your home on your own, or working with a Realtor
my Professional Home Inspection will help you understand conditions that a future buyer's inspector
may point out, and can prepare the property for Better Selling Conditions by making repairs.
All homes have strengths and weaknesses, so I can help you answer questions about my findings
which may present themselves at a later date during negotiations.

home inspection for warranty
Most builders provide a One-Year Warranty for New Construction. Generally during this period of time,
the buyer develops a "Punch List" of corrections for the contractor to repair under their warranty coverage.
Some defects Will Not Be Obvious to the Untrained Eye.
It is prudent to obtain my Professional Home Inspection Report of items that will most likely be
repaired by your builder --- At No Cost To You. You will be reassured knowing that potential
problems were addressed Before they grow into something that Could Cost You A Great Deal down the road.

The Following is Only a Small Sampling of the
Many Aspects that your Professional Inspection Covers:
Building exterior home inspection in The Woodlands   Building exterior and grade home inspection in Conroe
Grounds, Drainage, Driveways, Patios, Walkways, Decks, Balconies, Exterior Stoops/Stairs and Railings, Porches, Walls, Trims, Eaves, Soffits, Fascia, Exterior Doors and Windows, and Other Visible Exterior Components

Structural foundations and walls home inspection in Spring   Structural openings including windows and doors home inspection in Tomball
Visible Foundations and Footings, Floors, Walls, Roof/Ceiling Structures, and Other Visible Structural Components

Roof covering and roof penetrations home inspection in Magnolia   Roof structure and attic structure home inspection in Cypress
Roof Coverings, Drainage Systems, Flashings, Skylights, Chimneys, Roof Penetrations, Beams and Rafters, Truss Systems, Collar Ties and Purlins, Joists and Flooring, Wiring Attachments, Insulation and Ventilation, and Other Visible Roof and Attic Components

HVAC heating home inspection in Montgomery   HVAC cooling home inspection in Waller   HVAC ventilation home inspection in Hempstead
Heating and Cooling Systems, Ducts, Air Supply and Return, Air Delivery Measurements, Combustible Air, Visible Fuel Supply and Safety, and Other Visible HVAC Components

Electrical service and supply home inspection in Katy   Electrical branch service and fixtures home inspection in Brookshire
Service Entry and Clearances, Service Panel Components, Grounding System, and Branch Systems (Switches, Outlets, Fixtures, Wiring and Junction Boxes, etc.) and Other Visible Electrical Components

Plumbing service and supply home inspection in Sealy   Plumbing fixtures and piping home inspection in Sugar Land   Plumbing home inspection including water heater appliance in Navasota
Water Pressure, Distribution, Sinks and Faucets, Baths and Showers, Toilets, Hose Bibbs, Visible Piping and Sanitary System, Vents, and Other Visible Plumbing System Components

Dishwasher, food disposer, and trash compator appliances home inspection   Windows and doors home inspection   Range, stove, cook tops, oven, and microwave appliances home inspection
loors and Ceilings, Walls, Interior Doors and Windows, Interior Stairs and Railings, Cabinets and Counter Tops, Built-In Appliances, Fireplaces, Smoke Detectors and Safety-Related Items, Garage Doors and Door Openers, and Other Visible Interior Components

Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association   Texas Real Estate Commission
Pool and Spa Operator Certified   Pool and Spa Inspector Certified     National Association of Realtors   Women's Council of Realtors


Home Inspector for The Woodlands, Magnolia, Tomball, Spring, Cypress,
the Greater Houston Area and Other Surrounding Areas


New Home 1-Year (11-Month) Warranty Inspection
Pool and/or Spa Inspections (CPO/CPI Certified)
Roof Structure and Roof Covering Inspection
Complex Lawn Sprinkler System Inspection
Detached Structure Inspection (Workshop, etc.)
GREEN Building Consultation
Outdoor Cooking Equipment Inspection
Comprehensive Inspection (TREC)
Electrical Inspection
Mechanical Inspection
Plumbing Inspection
Appliance Inspection

Re-Inspections and Second Opinions

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