Home Inspection Sample Reports

There is an ART to creating a report that is Easily Understood by everyone involved.
There’s the Client, their Realtor, Other Negotiating Parties, and also the Technicians or Licensed Personnel
that may be called upon to perform Evaluations or Service Calls concerning items described in the report.

My Reports are So Much More than the minimum requirements of TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission).
My report itemization is enhanced by separating the inspection discoveries into 2 different categories
under each heading, where appropriate… 
PURPLE TEXT  for informational or not-so-urgent issues, and  BLUE TEXT 
for urgent, or structural and life safety issues. The important objective here is to remember that even
Small, Unassuming issues can turn into Large, Expensive items if not properly identified and addressed.

My report is also highlighted with lots of Detailed, Computer-Generated Photographs
each within its pertinent section that it applies, instead of simply bulking all photos at the end of the report.

I also add a section at the very end of the report which sums up all of the  BLUE TEXT 
(urgent, or structural and life safety issues), that allows quick and easy navigation back to appropriate
report pages by clients and realtors, alike. The culmination of my report components will provide
valuable information to enable the client as a Knowledgeable Buyer or Seller.

In addition, my Report is e-mailed/delivered
the Very Same Afternoon/Evening, or within 24 hours at the latest.
Photos of detailed home inspection items  Click HERE to see a Sample Report  Home inspection sample report


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