Home Inspection Pricing

Most sprinkler system inspections are free I DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA for the standard 8-station Sprinkler Systems (or less), AND...

Most storage sheds and detached building inspections are free
I DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA for Detached Structures that are sized up to 12' x 12'
                                                                                     (without utilities), AND...
Home Inspection for Pool and Spa in The Woodlands Texas I DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA for Pool and/or Spa SAFETY checks!

" Home Inspectors don’t charge More or Less for the Same Service "

In nearly every case, Professional Inspectors charge more than others because our
Inspection Services  are More Thorough and More Comprehensive, and because we disclose MORE
of the conditions that would be of concern to you as a buyer.

Inspectors who charge less than the "Standard Professional Rate" generally lack the initiative to IMPLEMENT
their skills properly and completely in the process of performing the kind of inspection You, as a Buyer, Would Want.

In Addition..... they typically perform many inspections  Per Day  to make up for their lower prices,
thereby RUSHING through each inspection to get to the next house... and the next house... etc.
...The end result?...
The house being inspected is NOT Shown Proper Justice of a Thorough Inspection, Nor are You, the Client !

Ask Yourself, “What defects Did or Will my " Bargain "  home inspector Fail to Disclose?”

The important issue to consider is, "Am I getting a QUALITY   Inspection?"

Home inspections cost pennies on the dollar  The cost of a Home Inspection is VERY SMALL  Home inspections cost pennies on the dollar
Relative to the Cost of the Home being Inspected

I am not the cheapest Inspector for Hire - Nor the most expensive...

But I do believe in "Getting Exactly What You Pay For"

Therefore, my Base Pricing Schedule is designed to charge an EXACT  amount for each individual home,
dependent on the size of the home in Square Feet.
Which means -

...You Only pay for EXACTLY what you need Inspected...

In other words - why would you want to pay the price of a 4,000 square foot inspection
when the home you need to have inspected is only 3,600 square feet?
...As a diligent consumer, I wouldn't either...
That's why my prices reflect Every 100 Square Feet of Home Space from 1,000 Square Feet and up!

My Inspection Report Details are Extremely Specific - As an example, instead of listing all plumbing issues
jumbled together, mine are separated into Kitchen, Each Individual Bathroom, Patio Sinks and/or Wetbars,
Outdoor Plumbing, etc. In addition, my descriptions include locations and detailed photographs
with indicators (arrows, circles, etc.) of which specific item in the photograph I am indicating.
This Takes Extra Effort and Extra Time on My Part
but All of my Clients are Thrilled with the Level of Quality and Attention to Detail that they receive.

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